Our Vision 2050: Quality of Network

A quality network and excellent connectivity support Schiphol's important socio-economic role

The quality of our network is an essential pillar of Schiphol Group’s Vision 2050. In a globalised world, connectivity by air is key to a country’s economic and broader societal wellbeing. Indeed, the role of Schiphol in the Dutch economy has evolved from a ‘mainport’ driving the growth of jobs, GDP and logistics, to an essential enabler for the Netherlands to compete as a Global City Region (the ‘Holland Metropole’). In this way, the connectivity offered by Schiphol, and in particular through our world-class network of destinations, is an integral component of our 'Why' of Connecting your world.

Quality of Network
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Ensuring a high-quality network
Ensuring a high-quality network
A high-quality network is essential for Schiphol’s ‘Why’ of connecting your world. Strong connectivity supports Dutch society and the economy, linking people, and often cargo, to the major economic, political and cultural centres of the world, as well as popular leisure destinations.
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Air transport movements at Schiphol in 2019

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  • Exploring new accessibility solutions

    Underpinning our long-term mobility strategy is the need for collective, clean transport.

MIRT: A plan to improve Schiphol's accessibility
MIRT: A plan to improve Schiphol's accessibility
Good accessibility is essential for a strong quality of network. This includes ensuring people can reach our airports quickly, easily and affordably by public transport. However, higher passenger numbers at Schiphol are putting increasing pressure on the infrastructure used to bring people to and from the airport. Around 95,000 people use Schiphol train station daily, with this number expected to reach 130,000 within the next decade.

Our Vision 2050

Royal Schiphol Group's Vision 2050 is to create the world’s most sustainable, high-quality airports, setting a new and aspirational goal for our organisation and the wider Dutch aviation industry. Our Vision is based on strengthening the fundamental ‘qualities’ we offer as a group: Quality of Network, Quality of Life and Quality of Service. Safety and a Robust organisation are the key enablers that support the three Qualities.